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Feed Your Soul

Whether I am snorkeling in crystal clear Caribbean waters, seeing the sights in New York City, or backpacking 210 miles from Yosemite National Park to Mt. Whitney, vacations keep me sane and energized.

In fact, I believe that vacations are an important part of work life and are integral to our health & wellness. They allow us to take a step back and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Sometimes that means eating an amazing meal at a Michelin star restaurant with friends, and sometimes it means watching the sunrise over the mountain top completely alone.

hiking, back shot

Either way, vacations feed my soul.


I love the planning phase of a trip. Where are we going? What are we going to do? Who are we going to meet?

Just thinking of the possibilities gets my blood flowing. It also makes every day just a little bit brighter.

I recently planned a trip to a Caribbean Island.

  • Plane tickets –
  • Airbnb –
  • Snorkeling –
  • Hiking –

The date got closer, and plans were finalized. Then one day, about two weeks ago, I woke up early and thought, “We are going on vacation tomorrow.” I was smiling and happy all day long.

In the water with sailboat

Main course 

Of course, the best part of a vacation is the vacation itself. My recent trip to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands was great, by the way!

Here are a few of the health benefits I enjoy from vacations, regardless of where I go:

  • Peace of mind
    When I backpack, I don’t use my phone. There are no distractions, and I can focus on the moment and really enjoy the simple pleasures that are right in front of me. A sunset. Wildlife. The breeze.

    I can also think. About everything, or about nothing. My mind goes where it wants.
  • Accomplishment
    I once backpacked 23 miles and endured 7,000 feet in elevation gain and loss in one day, all while carrying a 30-pound backpack. It was one of the toughest physical challenges I ever completed, but I did it! And I felt so accomplished. That kind of thing stays with you for a long time. 

  • Meeting new and interesting people
    I am an extrovert, and meeting new people gives me energy and inspiration. I love hearing their stories, sharing laughs, and experiencing how others live.
  • Feeling small
    Yes, this is a perk. And it is one that I love.

    We are the masters of our universe in our daily lives. We have phones and knowledge at our fingertips, and we feel like we can control our world.

    When we step away from that, when we see that the universe is so much larger than us, our perspective changes. Mine does, anyway.


Vacations give me a mental reset.

For example, I normally do 25 to 30 things per day. That gets scaled way back when I go on vacations. Sometimes, especially when I am backpacking, my whole existence shrinks down to the basics:

  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Walk
  • Sleep
  • Breathe

In other words – Live.

As in, really live. Not just function. Not just go through the motions. But embrace life and remember what is truly important.

So, take some advice from me and go explore. Have adventures. In my experience, it will have an extraordinary impact on your well-being and quality of life.

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