Consumers are actively searching for and supporting their tribe. Brands that create and grow authentic tribes that help people live as close to their aspirational selves as possible are winning.

It’s what we call the Live Well™ promise.

Let’s face it: The marketplace has changed. Consumers are in control in a way they have never been before. They have seemingly endless choices, both in products and where they can buy those products.

And they want – demand – products and brands that understand, support, and celebrate who they aspire to be.

Functionality vs aspiration

Consumers choose a product for functionality. If they are runners, they need a pair of running shoes. That is the product, and any brand that meets their minimum requirements will work.


Aspiration is how consumers Live Well. It is who they are and what gets them out of bed in the morning. Running shoes that meet their minimum requirement AND are made by an authentic brand that aligns with their aspirations become the perfect and only choice. Anything else is just plain wrong.


Authentic messages

To attract their tribe, brands must create authentic messages that connect the brand’s purpose with the consumers’ aspirations.

Sticking with the running shoes analogy, here are some brands that have done that masterfully.


“At adidas, we are rebellious optimists driven by action, with a desire to shape a better future together. We see the world of sport and culture with possibility where others only see the impossible.”

“Everything we do is rooted in sport. Sport plays an increasingly important role in more and more people’s lives, on and off the field of play. It is central to every culture and society, and is core to our health and happiness.”


“Because every run is about more than just a run. It's about finding oneself. Losing oneself. Movement is good magic. For all of us. And sharing it with as many people as possible is our whole reason for being.”

“Everything we do is rooted in optimism.”

“Fly Human Fly.”


“We believe a run can change a day, a life, the world.”

“The run is who we are.”

“We exist to inspire you to run your path. Because every day with a run is better. Every run brings you closer to your best self. And you end every run in a better place than you started.”

Who is your tribe?

The Olinger Group specializes in finding the connection between a brand’s purpose and consumers’ aspirations. We provide market research to businesses who want to help others Live Well.

We are the Live Well™ experts.

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