Priorities are Independent of Cost

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Priorities are Independent of Cost

A plane ticket has a price tag. Dining at the pub in Northern Ireland that your great-grandfather founded when your grandma was a wee little thing doesn’t.

Priorities in life are independent of cost.

There are some things in life you just have to do. People you have to see. Food you absolutely must try. Those are the experiences that speak to your soul and color your world. They are invaluable and irreplaceable.

They are one way that you Live Well™.

Marketing Opportunities

Marketing 101 and decades of experience say that a brand’s target audience falls within a certain income range. That’s logical and easily quantifiable. It also puts a monetary value on the product or experience.

Live Well says that a target audience has shared priorities. That removes the monetary focus and goes straight for the heart.

When you hit the heart, or the “feels,” you make deep, emotional connections that are independent of cost. In other words, consumers will spend more money on products and experiences that support their beliefs, causes, aspirations, and authentic lifestyles.

For example

Priority: Family

  • Book that trip to Ireland with your grandma
  • Insist on safety features in a family vehicle
  • Buy organic food

Priority: Environment / Saving the Planet

  • Buy local
  • Support brands with small environmental footprints
  • Choose holistic medical options

Priority: Health

  • Take an adventure vacation
  • Choose an insurance policy with the one benefit you really want
  • Frequent restaurants with options that fit your dietary preferences

Need help finding that priority sweet spot for your target audience? Let us run your market research project through our Live Well lens.

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