What a Great Ride!

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What a Great Ride!

When brands authentically meet consumers where they are in their Live Well™ space, demographic differences become irrelevant, and huge business opportunities open up.

Brands find new target audiences. Consumers become fiercely loyal and authentic brand ambassadors. Sales go up, CEOs are happy, and promotions happen.

What a great ride!

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Check out three examples of brands that are either just starting that ride or have been on it for years:

  1. Coach’s “Courage to be Real” campaign

What do the luxury handbag brand and a loud, proud, and over-the-top rapper have in common? Authenticity, baby!

Exhibit A: Coach’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and North America President, Sandeep Seth, said on the brand’s website that Coach has championed self-expression and authenticity for years.

Exhibit B: Lil Nas X is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is unabashedly and unapologetically precisely who he is.

Put the two together, and suddenly a brand that has been around since 1941 becomes relevant to a whole new market.

  1. Patagonia

This brand deserves a huge shout-out for its phenomenal job of creating passionate, vocal, authentic brand ambassadors.

Way to go, Patagonia!

Seriously, its’ brand ambassadors are incredible. We conducted IDIs (in-depth interviews) with target audience members of another, unrelated brand. We went into people’s homes and took notes as they emptied their closets and discussed their favorite clothes and purses.

You wouldn’t believe how many people pulled out a Patagonia bag and then told us the company’s core values and what it stood for. Yes, they love the product, but they are emotionally bonded with the company.

Can you say, “Customers for life”? Patagonia can.

  1. Nike

Just do it!

Whoever you are, wherever you are. Just do it. Put on your Nike shoes, and just do it. 

Athletes. Soccer moms. Grandparents. Business leaders. Cancer warriors. It doesn’t matter; everyone can do it.    

That is Nike’s message, but consumers are the ones shouting it from the rooftop. While doing research for another brand, we asked people to tell us which companies are doing diversity right.  

Nike consistently came up as a winner. Why? Because Nike recognizes that diversity goes way beyond race. It includes different ages, body types, hobbies, and priorities.  

The call to Just do it! is both universal and intensely personal. It fits squarely into consumers’ Living Well space, wherever that space is.  

Other brand winners 

We are curious (we’re a market research firm – of course, we are curious!) – what brands do you think are doing it right?  

What brands authentically hit you in the feels? Echo your core philosophy or values? Demonstrate true diversity?  

Drop a comment below. Curious minds and hungry brand managers want to know!

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Published On: April 27th, 2023 / Categories: Market Research, Live Well, Brand Ambassadors /

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